Alex-CailliauSound & Band Services is Alex Cailliau's one man company.
It all started in 2004 when Alex moved from his native France to the Netherlands, after graduating with a MA in France following an audiovisual cursus at L'Insititut International de l''Image et du Son. After a year or so getting to learn the Dutch way of life and language, Alex went full-time freelancer in mid-2006.
The first job was none but an European tour with the Dutch band the Gathering, behind the monitor desk.

Officially started in 2008, Sound & Band Services is based in Deventer, in the East of the Netherlands. Since this first tour, Alex has developed his skills and worked with many organisations and bands all over the Netherlands as well as abroad.
Mainly focussed on sound (FOH or monitors), he can also work as a theater technician, backliner, stage manager.

Personal Info

  • +31 6 52601068
  • Schuilingstraat 17
    7412GD Deventer
  • alex[AT]SoundBs[DOT]com
  • SoundBs.com
    • VAT/BTW# NL002429037B18
      • CoC/KvK# 08192114
      Ernst Jansz - Burgerweeshuis [Deventer] - Zwolse Theaters [Zwolle] - Deventer Schouwburg [Deventer] - Rasa [Utrecht] - Into the Great Wide Open [Vlieland] - Deventer op Stelten [Deventer] - Stortemelk [Vlieland] - KunstenLab [Deventer] - CCC. Inc - the Gathering - the Mekanik - NO Blues - Overdreven Festival [Utrecht] - Productiehuis ON [Deventer] - Theater TUIG - Harmonie Boekingen [ESNS] - Next Waste Dimension - the Freaks - Hedon [Zwolle] - Sunset/Sunset [Paris]

      This is a list of what I can bring on a production. For a very competitive price also for rent. Please contact me with your wishlist to get a quote.

      Dynamic Mics
      • Audix D2 x2, D4 x2, D6, i5
      • Beyer M201, M88
      • Sennheiser MD421 x2, e945, e604, e609
      • Shure SM57, SM58 x8
      Condenser Mics
      • Audix SCX-25A x2
      • Beyer Opus87 x3
      • Oktava Mk-012 matched pair
      • Ovid CC100
      Direct Boxes
      • Radial Pro 48 x4 (mono), Pro DI x2 (mono), Pro D2 (stereo)
      • Audix D-flex x2 (mic clamp for percussion, piano)
      • Audix D-vice x4 (mic clamp for percussion)
      • LP mic clamp x2 (mic clamp, universal)
      • Shure A56D x4 (mic clamp for percussion)
      • Z-bar x2 (mic holder for cabinets)
      Mixer & Outboard
      • Midas M32R (16 ins 8 outs digital desk)
      • Midas DL32 (32 ins 16 outs digital stagebox) + cat5 haspel 50m
      Stand alone
      • Boss RE-20 Space Echo (with cables & power)